The Hello Group

Spearheading the Entertainment Industry into the Metaverse

Welcome to HelloVerse, the Web3 division of The Hello Group. We transform disruptive, creative ideas into digital experiences, goods, and interactive ecosystems, spearheading the entertainment industry into the digital age.
Directing the attention of the masses to the most popular virtual spaces, HelloVerse is uniquely focused on the music industry, TV/film, the creator economy, live entertainment, and sports. 

Case studies

Just a handful of case studies highlighting THV’s capabilities.

1st Influencer Club House
The first major influencer integration in an open-source Metaverse space lining up: Crystal Hefner, Pia Mia, Dale Moss, and an official Banksy.
The Crypto-Jewish Collection
The first Kosher NFT collection, certified by Chief Rabbi Peter Deutsch and Rabbi Daniel Channen.
The HelloVerse
HelloVerse Headquarters
As the first talent-first company in the Metaverse, The HelloVerse brings the entire ecosystem from The Hello Group to Web3, displaying content and partnerships across THG’s 14 divisions. 

Presenting the HelloVerse district

We are at the forefront of metaverse estate development. Visit ‘HelloVerse’ in Decentraland and stay tuned for interactive integrations and brand partnerships.

Brands & Agencies

We transform clients from web 2.0 to 3.0 by moving physical content into virtual, in four simple steps.

The Brief

Our creative team dives into the project to map out your brand’s WEB 3.0 vision and goals.

The Plan

In the planning process, the project is developed by our creative team in line with your brand’s main attributes, vision, and brief.

The Design

Let the construction begin! We create the perfect 3D design and architecture for your project and build out tools to launch custom initiatives.

The Integration

We integrate the architecture of the 3D model into the metaverse with other available features like NFTs, video screening, live streaming, hyperlink integration, and more, all depending on your needs.

The Gallery of Self

Displaying creator-centric NFTs in the only influencer-focused metaverse gallery in the world.

Central European Fashion Week
A worldwide unique’ digital transformation introduced for the Budapest Central European Fashion Week: this project took the official Fashion Week brand to THE MOST POPULAR VIRTUAL SPACE OF TODAY.
Post For Rent, HQ
Post For Rent’s HQ in Decentraland, making them the first influencer marketing company in the metaverse.
Fashion & Tech Summit
Introducing the Budapest Fashion and Tech Summit: a 2-day event streamed in DECENTRALAND with Fashion Industry experts from around the world discussing the future of the industry.

Influencers & Creators

Take your audience engagement to the next level. Work with our team to create your ultimate NFT drop as truly unique collectibles for your personal brand. 

Influencer cards

Introducing unique Influencer Collectibles created by FreshStash.


Create your very own NFT collectible. Get in touch with HelloVerse today to apply for a partnership.


We direct the attention of the masses to the most popular virtual spaces through the unique content of the biggest influencers and digital creators in the world. We integrate influencer-centric NFTs to our “GALLERIES OF SELF” in Decentraland which is the first metaverse Influencer Hub in the digital world!

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